About IFFD

The International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) is a non-governmental, independent, and non-profit federation, whose primary mission is to support families through training.

IFFD programs are based on a participative methodology, the objective of which is to help parents to improve their relationships with their spouses and develop their child-rearing skills, in order to confront the daily challenges faced by families with confidence, flexibility and good humour.

Our extensive collaboration with numerous entities and more than 7,000 volunteers around the world means that IFFD programs are currently offered in 66 countries on five continents.

IFFD has General Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and regularly organizes international congresses on the family.

Board of Directors

marina-robbenPresident Emeritus
Marina Robben

Mario Armella

javier-vidal-quadrasSecretary General
Javier Vidal-Quadras

jose-alejandro-vazquezRepresentative on the UN
José Alejandro Vázquez

ignacio-sociasDirector of IFFD Family Perspective
Ignacio Socías

leticia-rodriguezDirector of IFFD Family Enrichment
Leticia Rodríguez

lorena-fernandezOffice and Projects Manager
Lorena Fernández

diego-barrosoSupport to IFFD Family Enrichment
Diego Barroso

Antonio Tuñón

natalia-perez-iffdTreasurer Assistant
Natalia Pérez

diego-hervasCommunity Manager
Diego Hervás

Territorial Vice-presidencies

North America

I. Gómez / C. Soto

Central America

J.A. Godoy

South America

G. Fraile / E. Pérez


K. Phlips / J. Cubillo / G. Tarassi
J. Wardak / M. Schwarz
P. Gebrauskas / I. Kemp

Asia – Australia

F. Mabanta / J. Chu / M. Watson

Africa French Speaking

M.J. Lumu / M. N’Guessan

Africa English Speaking

R. Mutura / I. Nnaedozie

  • We are a Federation of non-profit and independent Family Enrichment centers.
  • We work in 66 countries on the 5 continents.
  • Our mission is to help families around the world; we do not discriminate by race, color, religion, gender, or country of origin.
  • We firmly believe that raising children is an unavoidable task for parents and deserves support from society.
  • In order to put this task into practice, it is not enough to simply want to do it; we also need to learn how to do it.
  • Our programs use the ‘case method’, which promotes dialogue about real situations without imposing our own ideas or dismissing other people’s.
  • The moderators are parents who are experts at facilitating and guiding these debates in small groups.
  • The courses are aimed at groups of parents with children who are the same age.
  • It is important for both parents to be involved in the programs in order to ensure that each one makes their own contribution.
  • We organize regional and worldwide congresses, which reinforce our identity and help us to share knowledge and best practices.


Family Enrichment first began at the beginning of the 1960’s as an initiative by a group of parents, committed to the education of their children, who realized that, in the changing world they were living in, they needed more training in order to achieve their full potential as educators.

In the case-study method, developed by Harvard University, they found a flexible, participative and practical training tool, which encouraged discussion about real-life situations, allowing everyone to share their ideas in an equal way. They used this methodology as the basis for the IFFD training programs, which cover all phases of child-rearing, from birth to adolescence, as well as programs for different stages of married life.

IFFD was founded in Orlando (United States), in January 1998, as a continuation of its predecessor, IDF, which had been coordinating the training programs since 1978. Its headquarters is in Spain, which is where the first courses took place.

In 1999, IFFD was awarded Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and in recognition of its extensive experience and geographic reach, in 2011, this was extended to General Consultative Status, which is only held by 5% of the NGOs present in the Council.

In October 2015, IFFD organized its 19th International Congress on the Family, held in Mexico City, with the title, “The family, a meeting place for generations.”