We are convinced of the importance, and irreplaceable role, of the family for the happiness of its members, for peace and social cohesion, for general welfare and educational development, and for economic growth and social integration.

We regularly organize international congresses, which allow us to give the family the recognition it deserves, as well as raising awareness of the challenges it currently faces. Our congresses offer a supportive space for participants to exchange experiences and ideas, as well as offering training opportunities for parents from all over the world.

Nineteen congresses have been held since IFFD’s inception. The topics, dates and cities are listed below:

19th. Mexico, 2015. Family, meeting place for generations.
18th. Valencia, 2010. Family, School of Human Rights.
17th. Rome, 2007. Rights and Responsibilities of the Family.
16th. New York–United Nations, 2004. Family Life, Development and Culture.
15th. Rome, 2000. The Family: A Revolution for the Third Millennium.
14th. Orlando, 1998. Extending the Family.
13th. Rome, 1995. The Young Family.
12th. London, 1993. Family and Leisure.
11th. Rome, 1991. Family and School.
10th. Lausanne, 1989. Family and the World of Tomorrow.
9th. Rome, 1987. Family and Happiness.
8th. Barcelona, 1985. Family and Work.
7th. Rome, 1983. Family and Society.
6th. Mexico, 1981. The Role of the Father in Family Life.
5th. Rome, 1980. The Family and the Condition of Women.
4th. Zurich, 1979. The Family and Mass Media.
3rd. Rome, 1978. Rights of the Child and the Family.
2nd. Brussels, 1977. The Rights of Parent in Education.
1st. Rome, 1976. Education in the Family.