We are convinced that the education of children is a fundamental and essential role for parents, and should, therefore, receive social recognition and support from institutions.

IFFD participates in international fora in which it shares its extensive experience and expertise with families on five continents, as well as advising different institutions on the development of family policy. It promotes the family perspective in national and international organisms, in order to ensure that the repercussions on the family of each recommendation, regulation or law are taken into consideration.

IFFD collaborates with these organisms by offering advice, preparing documents, arranging expert meetings, carrying out research, and regularly organizing international congresses on the family.

IFFD has a specific website (www.familyperspective.org) dedicated to providing information about activity in this area, with regular updates of articles, news and other relevant information on the family.


United Nations

  • Presentation of oral and written statements to the ECOSOC Council.
  • Promotion of parallel events during the sessions of the Commission for Social Development in the United Nations.
  • Collaboration in the celebration of the annual International Day of the Family (May 15).
  • Preparation of proposals and inputs for Resolutions on the family.

European Union

  • Active presence in the European Parliament, Regions Committee and the Economic and Social Council.
  • IFFD forms part of the consortium which has undertaken the biggest research project of the European Commission on the family (www.familiesandsocieties.eu).

Other forums and activities

  • Organization of meetings with groups of experts on family issues.
  • Consultancy and advice for governmental, academic, civil society and private sector initiatives.
  • Attendance and active participation in conferences on the family.
  • Preparation of reports and monthly publication of the IFFD Papers.