Publication of the IFFD Annual Activity Report for the year 2011.

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 Family Enrichment in the world

Good atmosphere and involvement of the participants in Slovakia and Czech Republic

Family Enrichment in Slovakia has taken a new step forward. Andrej and Gabriela Burianek, from Bratislava, report that last May ended a course of “Marital Love” that was attended by fifteen couples. The sessions were filled with a good atmosphere, built by the involvement of the participants. Andrej and Gabriela expect that some of the participants will cooperate in the future as moderators.

A “First Steps” course was also offered, and completed during the month of February. “Our work grows step by step and we can see how much we have to learn yet,” said Andrej.

Assistants to the

The Caribbean takes the pulse of Family Enrichment

Assisstants to the PIMOF, Dominican Republic

Family Enrichment is on-going in the Caribbean at the hands of Enrique and Mireya Perez, who traveled to the Dominican Republic to give a training course for moderators at the beginning of June. Seventeen couples attended, many of them expatriates for work issues (Spaniards, Colombians, Guatemalans, Mexicans, Peruvians, Puerto Ricans, etc.).

The beginning in Sweden

At the end of may Javier Reguart traveled to Sweden to promote the beginning of family orientation in the country. He met with a group of married couples who gave a promotional meeting on the IFFD, the case method and family enrichment.

Previously all attendees enjoyed with a lunch, where he took use to know each other.

Soon, at the end of August or early September, a PIMOF will be organized with several Swedish marriages, and later a pilot course. It has been agreed to start a course of first steps for parents with children aged o-3 in early 2013.

During the promotional session, teached by Javier Reguart


Albert N. Dime, Cameroun

What is the current role of the family in Cameroon?

The current role of the family in Cameroon is the natural and specific role we are working to preserve: family creates a communion of love ties between close people, it provides life, and it takes care of and educates children. In general, it makes the country and the world more human.

In our culture, a family is created when a man, by taking a wife, shows his community that he can provide resources. When the charge of founding a family is well assumed, it is a barometer of confidence and responsibility in society.


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International Action

Conference and European Meeting of Experts in Brussels

Experts meeting

On June 5, a public conference on the Twentieth Anniversary of the International Year of the Family, to be held in 2014, was held in Brussels. It took place at the headquarters of the Committee of the Regions, and it was organized by The Family Watch, a member of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), in cooperation with the coordinator of the United Nations Program on Family and the Doha Institute for Family Studies and Development (member of the Qatar Foundation). Attended by community authorities, members of the European Parliament, and officers of entities and organizations of civil society, representatives discussed topics with respect to the family in the major international institutions.

The meeting of European experts, organized by The Family Watch and United Nations, was held June 6-8, and was attended by about twenty people from fourteen countries to discuss family and poverty, reconciliation of work and family, and intergenerational solidarity.

IFFD Papers

A series of position papers on current affairs an topics that have to do with family enrichment.

IFFD Paper nº 11

Keeping our children save (and savvy)

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