Family Enrichment in the world

From France to Cameroon to Lithuania

The Assembly of the Institute for Family Education (IPEF) was held in France, near Bordeaux, May 12 and 13. Moderator couples of all ages attended, from Nantes, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Lille. Papers were presented throughout the weekend. A lunch for all participants was held on Sunday, at which some couples were accompanied by their young children.

Participant couple in IPEF

During the same weekend, a moderator training course was given in Lithuania with the help of Alonso Gil-Casares and Cristina Marroquin. The forty-hour training program focused on techniques for basic content moderation and training for parents. The presidents of Family in Lithuania and Paulius Gebrauskas and Inga Gebrauskien commented: “It was a great success! People took a very positive outlook, and we anticipate the next meeting. Cristina Marroquín, from Spain, and Alonso’s work was impeccable. Those were intense days of hard work.”

Inscriptions in Lithuanian PIMOF

A week later, May 19 and 20, another training course for moderators was given in Cameroon. Eight couples were involoved: three from Douala, one Ivorian living in Douala, and five from Yaoundé. The Ivorian couple’s experience with counseling, incidentally, was of great help to quickly learn some relevant points.


Imad and Reem Younis: Family Enrichment Arrives in Israel

Reig- Teetor couple in Israel

Imad and Reem Younis are the visible head of Family Enrichment in Israel. Building on the couple’s visit, José Miguel and Vickie Reig organized and promoted sessions held in Nazareth that served to explain the courses, the methodology, and the purpose of the program. The sessions were met with enthusiasm. Attendees were very interested in the methodology and asked numerous engaging questions.

After the Reigs’ visit, Imad and Reem said, “We have created a steering committee made up of four couples, but we have not assigned specific tasks to each. We have translated the birthday party case and we will start making the show cases. Our next meeting will be May 21. Its aim is to give as many presentations as we can and to recruit well, at least fifteen candidates for moderator couples.”

“We are thinking that Vickie and José Miguel will return to Nazareth in September to provide training for the moderators,” they concluded.

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International Action

At the UN, Family Values ​​as Guidance for Good Practices

Ignacio Socías in the UN

The New York Preparatory Meeting of Experts for the twentieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family, to be held in 2014, was held at UN headquarters last week. CEO of The Family Watch, Ignacio Socías, was involved, along with eighteen other participants from twelve countries invited by the United Nations family of agencies. The conference tried to communicate best practices in the elaboration of family policies, development, evaluation, and implementation. Over three days, various representatives of academic institutions and civil society debated what the recommendations in the General Assembly should take account of, on the occasion of the celebration, and focused on the three proposed topics: eradication of poverty in family, reconciliation of work and family life, and intergenerational solidarity.

IFFD Papers and other relevant documents

A series of position papers on current affairs an topics that have to do with family enrichment.

IFFD Papper nº 10

Involvement of men in care work

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