Know each other better to love each other better

Know each other better to love each other better

Temperament, Character and Personality in family relations
Sunday 26th of November of 2017. (Athens)

Leticia Rodríguez de Santiago, director of the Family Enrichment Program of IFFD, will talk about the principal traits of a person’s temperament, character and personality: optimistic, extrovert, melancholic, anxious, aggressive, active, calm, emotional, selfish, friendly, disorganized or patient. We meet these people every day and we socialize with them. They are our husbands or wives, our sons or daughters. Leticia will talk about how to know them better in order to bring out the best of them and love them better!

During the event, the team of “Live, Learn, Create” ( will have an experiential workshop about “Emotions and Behaviors – Me and My Family” for the children attending the activity.invitation-en

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