Policy recommendations for Europe

Policy recommendations for Europe

A booklet with policy recommendations and other interesting resources has been published by the FamiliesAndSocietes project and is being distributed to the different entities in the European Union, United Nations and other international bodies.

FamiliesAndSocieties is the most important research project on the family being carried out within the framework of the European Union. The project, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU, has the support of 25 academic institutions in 15 countries. Its civil society representative is IFFD.

In Working Paper 74 of the project, IFFD presents a compendium of practices illustrating a structural framework of a diverse range of needs, such as education, economic inclusion and security, opportunity and respect, intergenerational connectivity and work-family reconciliation. Read Working Paper: http://www.familiesandsocieties.eu/?page_id=131

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