Family Enrichment

The primary mission of Familiy Enrichment is to provide parents with the tools they need to reach their full potential as educators of their children, and to develop their very own personal and family plan.

Family Perspective

IFFD works hard to make sure that the family perspective is taken into consideration by international organisms when making decisions and recommendations.


Family Enrichment Ireland

On November 6, two groups of parents were very excited to start First Steps and First Letters programs in Dublin.



On October 23, IFFD carried out a Personal Project training session in Zagreb, with around 20 moderators, two of whom travelled from Slovenia to take part.


Expansion in Mexico

A new LAR has been set up for the city of León. Additionally, two moderator training courses were held on October 15 & 16 in Mexico City and in the city of Hermosillo


FamiliesAndSocieties – Final conference

The Final Conference of the FP7 EU Project FamiliesAndSocieties has been held in Brussels on 18 October.



Liubliana, the capital of Slovenia, has been the scene for the relaunch of Family Enrichment in Slovenia, with the setting up of a First Steps program, which started on September 24 with 18 couples.


IFFD at 19th Family Business National Congress

IFFD participated as a speaker at the 19th Family Business National Congress, organized by the Spanish Family Business Institute IEF (Instituto Empresa Familiar). The event took place in La Coruña, Spain, on October 16, 17 & 18, and was officially opened by HRH King Felipe of Spain.



The IFFD programs in Nigeria are proving to be very successful. In September, a new moderator training program took place, with 34 moderators.


United States, from coast to coast

In recent weeks, a moderators’ convention has taken place, Texas Family Enrichment has been launched, and a new Adolescents program has started in Los Angeles.


The International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) is a non-governmental, independent, and non-profit federation, whose primary mission is to support families through training.

IFFD programs are based on a participative methodology, the objective of which is to help parents to improve their relationships with their spouses and develop their child-rearing skills, in order to confront the daily challenges faced by families with confidence, flexibility and good humour.