Family Enrichment in the World

IFFD Es Summit 2016

Summit IFFD

The Summit IFFD Spain 2016 was held in Madrid, April 23. Fun sessions on putting our talents to work in the best way, formation, exchange of experience and best practices to drive Family Enrichment courses was the content of this national encounter.  (more…)

Enriching Family Life in New York

AM NY 2015-201634 couples attended a course of the Matrimonial Love Program in New York, which consists in participative sessions on couple’s communication, love bond, sexuality, family life and work-family balance. (more…)

IPEF ‘rencontres’ in Toulouse

IPEF16 editada

On the weekend of April 2-3, the annual IPEF gathering, which brings together coordinators and moderators of the Family Enrichment centres in France, was held in Toulouse. Presentations were given of projects for the coming academic year, and of the Grandparents program, which aims to help young grandparents explore their role in the education of their grandchildren. The participants also received training from Laurence Coste, a pediatrician from Paris, in a seminar called, “Being a parent today”.


Third moderator training session in Almaty and Astana


The third training session took place on March 12-13. Leticia Rodríguez, moderator and coordinator of the IFFD technical committees, gave training on getting to know your children: developmental stages and personality. The sessions are proving to be very participative, and are enriched by the cultural diversity of the participants: Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, and people with no religion. It is clear that concerns about the family are universal. (more…)

First Family Enrichment Course in Belarus


Gomel is the second-largest city in Belarus, and was the location of the first Family Enrichment course in the country on March 5. Eleven families have started the Matrimonial Love course. Alena Germanovich and Pavel Mitckevich were the local moderators, with the support of Natalia Finegan and Konstantin Kostyuhin, who travelled from Moscow to take part in the course. (more…)

Training in Kazakhstan

Formación en Kazajistán

The sub-zero temperatures which are common in winter months in Almaty and Astana haven’t impeded the setting up of moderator training courses in both cities. We hope that in a few months it will be possible to start offering IFFD programs in this country. The training program started in December 2015 and will continue until May of this year, with the support of expert trainers from Poland, Spain and Lithuania.

Courses in London


On January 30, in the biggest city in Europe, two new courses started up: Marital Love and Pre-teens, which will take place in parallel. The Marital Love program, which couples of different ages are taking part in, has begun by examining the meaning of commitment and the challenges it brings, whilst the participants of the Pre-teens course are working on understanding the character and personality of their children. The launch of both courses has been very successful and the participants are looking forward to the following sessions.

New course in Amsterdam


Following a training session carried out in November, a Marital Love program started up in Amsterdam on February 6. We hope it will be an enriching course as approximately thirty participants, from different nationalities, will be taking part.

Also in the Netherlands, in the city of Tilburg, a First Steps course has been running since November to help train young parents. As well as parents from Tilburg itself, parents from Eindhoven and Maastricht are also taking part in the course.

Closing event at UCOFA, Seville

On July 2, Ignacio Socías, IFFD director of international relations, gave a lecture as part of the year’s closing event at UCOFA, the Family Enrichment Center of Seville. The event was held at Guadaira College. Socías’s speech dealt with the current situation of the family, the importance of stability, and the problems the family faces today, and summarized the work done by IFFD in the United Nations with the support of The Family Watch. He also promoted the International Family Congress to be held in Mexico on October 16-18, 2015.

Family Summer

Family Summer began on July 4 in Huesca, Spain. More than fifteen families from Croatia, Belarus, Russia, and Lithuania are participating. During the program, Spanish moderators will teach a Matrimonial Love course and a moderators’  training course. This activity will also take place in Colorado, next August.

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First Steps in Chicago

At the beginning of June, a First Steps course involving more than eighty people concluded in Chicago. The organizers celebrated with an outdoor picnic for participants and their families.


Promoting Family Enrichment and Mexico Congress in Nigeria

In mid-June, Ignacio Socías, IFFD Director of International Relations, visited Nigeria at the invitation of the Whitesands and Lagoon Schools to promote Family Enrichment.

He also met with the Board of NADAF, the Nigerian Family Enrichment Center, to promote the upcoming Congress, to be held October 16-18, 2015 in Mexico.

DSC_3165 DSC_3208 DSC_3216


PIMOF in Bucarest

During the weekend of May 16-17, Spanish moderator Victor Petuya traveled to Bucharest, Romania, where he gave a moderator’s training course. Five moderators participated, in anticipation of a First Steps course to be offered in October.
IMG_2946 (1)


First Steps in Lebanon

In May, the last general session of the First Steps course in the town of Baabda took place. A few weeks prior, the next course in the area, First Conversations, was announced.




Annual Meeting in Italy

On Saturday, April 18, a national meeting of Family Enrichment centers took place in Milan to promote the Nineteenth International Family Congress, which will take place in October. Three lectures on “The Culture of Reciprocity” (between generations, men and women, and families) were offered by a philosopher, a pedagogist, and a psychiatrist, respectively.




Public Affairs

International Day of Families 2016

Paper 53. A strong force for social development

Paper 53 IFFD

The United Nations Human Rights Council requested the High Commissioner to write a report on “the impact of the implementation by States of their obligations under relevant provisions of international human rights law with regard to the protection of the family, on the contribution of families in realizing the right to an adequate standard of living for theirmembers, particularly through their role in poverty eradication and in achieving sustainable development.” (more…)

IFFD Paper 52. Work-family balance, fromrights to duties

IFFD paper 52

Although the 2030 agenda is peoplecentered and promises to improve the livelihood of all individuals, it does not highlight the importance of empowering the family unit to achieve the sustainable development goals. (more…)

IFFD Paper 51. Harmony between school and family

IFFD paper 51

In discussing the topic, the intention is:

1) Provide insight into an on-going study on parental involvement in education in Nigeria, using preliminary results. (more…)

IFFD Briefing New York, February 10


The IFFD Briefing, which took place on February 10 within the framework of the 54th session of the United Nations Commission for Social Development in New York, included the participation of academics, government representatives, and civil society representatives from the whole world. The event concluded with the presentation of the 2016 IFFD Awards.

More information


IFFD Paper 50. An appalling humanitarian crisis European Union policies on migration and asylum. February 2016

050 IFFD Paper

Hundreds of thousands of desperate migrants have arrived in Europe in recent months to escape horrors at home. (more…)

FamiliesAndSocieties Annual Meeting. January 2016


The third Annual Meeting of the research project of the European Union’s Seventh Framework ProgrammeFamiliesAndSocieties was held from January 13-15 at the Campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, with the participation of the 28 Consortium partners.

More information:

19th International Family Congress

Congreso IFFD

16th-18th October 2015, Mexico City.

All information here

UN Resolution

On July 1, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations adopted a resolution on the “contribution of the family to the realization of the right to an adequate standard of living for its members, particularly through its role in poverty eradication and achieving sustainable development,” which includes most of the arguments that have been defended by IFFD.

IFFD in United Nations

In mid-May, Ignacio Socías, IFFD Director of International Relations, traveled to New York, where he attended various events in the United Nations headquarters. On May 14, he represented civil society at a World Meeting of Experts on the situation of the family in the world. Joining him were experts from the United States, Bolivia, Sweden, Australia, Romania, and Egypt, among other nations. He also participated in the International Day of Families event, at which a large number of people were present, including representatives from Family Enrichment in Argentina. For more information about this event, please visit Family perspective.

Encuentro de Expertos

Encuentro de Expertos

Ignacio Socías con representantes de la Orientación Familiar de Argentina

Ignacio Socías con representantes de la Orientación Familiar de Argentina

Día Internacional de la Familia

Día Internacional de la Familia

International Day of Families

We are very excited with the celebration of the International Day of Family next Friday, May 15th. The topic is “Men in Charge? Gender Equality and Children’s Rights in Contemporary Families”. We hope you can follow it online through live streaming. The event will be from 1.15pm to 2.45 pm (-5:00 UTC, Eastern Time).

IFFD in Paris

On March 27, Marina Robben, president of IFFD, participated in a conference organized by FEPEM at the Palace of Luxembourg in Paris. The conference was titled, “The Necessities of the Family in Relation to Care in the Home,” and it was moderated by Rosita Deluigi of the University of Macerata.

marina en paris

Participation in the EPA

From April 24-26, the General Assembly of EPA (European Parents Association) took place in Prague, focusing on “Supporting Parents to Become the Best Primary Educators.” Marina Robben, president of IFFD, was invited to participate in the plenary session and discuss the best international practices in the formation of parents as first educators.

IFFD Briefing

The IFFD Briefing was celebrated during the 53rd Session of the Commission for Social Development  in the United Nations on February 11. During this event, the 2015 IFFD Awards were granted to the High Representative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, for his work in favor of families worldwide not only in his present position, but also during his years of service to United Nations and his country; and also to the Department of Family, Children, Time Use and the Disabled of the City council of Barcelona, because of their City of Barcelona Family Plan 2013-2016, and especially the programme Barcelona is Family, developed during the past months to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family.
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More information and pictures: Family Perspective.

At IFFD Headquarters

The “Siempre Chile” Foundation began its 2015 formation course in Spain with a meeting at IFFD headquarters, with Ignacio Socías, Director of International Relations of IFFD.

curso formacion fundacion
logo fas Families and Societies is the most important research on the family project carried out within the framework of the European Union. Launched on March 8 in Stockholm, it has the support of twenty-five universities from fifteen countries. IFFD is involved as a representative of civil society.
 The preparations for the twentieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family focuses on exploring family-oriented policies and strategies aiming mainly at confronting family poverty; ensuring work-family balance and advancing social integration and intergenerational solidarity.
itfw TFW is a “think tank” inspired by IFFD dedicated to analyzing the social reality of the family.